Hole in the Sky

Randy’s Donuts. Los Angeles, CA.

Driving by the 405 you are destined to come across this beauty. Inspired by photographer Will Deleon’s project Hole in the Sky I am reminded of my very own trip to this iconic donut shop. July 11th, 2012 was Randy’s 60th anniversary. And it was an awesome day.

With a mix of mariachi and reggaeton in the background and balloons as bright as the Southern California sun, I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to spend a Wednesday afternoon. I stood in line to get my free glazed donut with a big ass smile on my face (see below).

Happiness is this
Happiness is this

Side note: I find it funny that in almost every picture you’ll see of Randy’s you’ll also see some bird popping its silly little head in the shot. Greedy bitches don’t get enough being all up in your grill while you’re eating lunch at the park, they have to try to get at the biggest piece of “food” they see in the sky too (I really, really don’t like birds btw).

Back to the donut: fresh out of the frier and seconds after the wet, dripping glaze touched down, they were handed out to loyal patrons waiting in line. Talk about melt in your mouth delicious. Randy’s just proved that simple definitely does have its place in this city and that less is actually in fact more.

Free donuts are always awesome, but this one was particularly amazing. The atmosphere was full of not only celebration for this iconic donut shop but the day also felt like a celebration of the city of Los Angeles. LA is mixed with so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds. That day Randy’s became a haven bridging social economic gaps to bring everyone together for the common good (aka a great donut).

60th Anniversay 7/11/12
60th Anniversay 7/11/12
From Larry and Ron
From Larry and Ron

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