Donuts vs. Doughnuts

A common source of confusion and head scratching, there are multiple ways to spell our beloved treat: donut vs. doughnut. This leads us into the eternal debate, which do you use and when??

There are a few different theories out there on how we should be focusing our spelling (see Huff Post) but I feel I must share my personal opinion on the matter:

Donut: The classic, laid back, non-assuming, humble friend. Generally speaking, cheap and no-frills. Fried and more often than not served in a nondescript white bag or pink box. Your best friend who knows all your secrets and would never tell a soul. Tried and true.

Doughnut: The fancy, rich dough cousin with the latest iPhone and over a thousand Instagram followers. Funky, innovative flavors. Maybe baked or something else insane like gluten-free (God forbid). Slightly bougie but likable. The cool kid in high school everyone wants to be friends with.

What are your thoughts?? Comment below!


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