Food & Wine: America’s Best Doughnuts

1. The Doughnut Vault – Chicago, IL
What to get: chocolate glazed, pistachio, old fashioned, $1 coffee

2. Betty Ann Food Shop – Boston, MA
What to get: classic sugar rolled doughnuts, cake and jelly filled

3. Clear Flour Bread Bakery – Brookline, MA
What to get: baked currant doughnuts

4. Primo’s Donuts – Los Angeles, CA
What to get: glazed rings, cake and yeast doughtnuts for less than $1

5. Doughnut Plant – New York, NY
What to get: glazed oatmeal cake doughnut

6. Dynamo Donuts – San Francisco, CA
What to get: lemon-pistachio, banana de leche, bacon maple

7. Top Pot Doughnuts – Seattle, WA
What to get: chocolate peanut, Valley Girl lemon, feather boas

8. Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, OR
What to get: voodoo doll, Fruit Loop and bubble gum dust toppings

9. Cafe du Monde – New Orleans, LA
What to get: beignets, dark roast chicory coffee

10. Sublime Doughnuts – Atlanta, GA
What to get: fresh strawberry n cream, A-town cream

11. Congdon’s Doughtnuts – Wells, ME
What to get: blueberry jelly, honey dipped

12. Gourdough’s – Austin, TX
What to get: Funky Monkey (brown sugar glazed bananas), Mother Clucker (fried chicken strips with honey butter)

13. The Donut Stop – St. Louis, MO
What to get: cinnamon globs

14. Britt’s Donuts – Carolina Beach, NC (Open around Memorial Day)
What to get: glazed

15. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – Brooklyn, NY
What to get: sour cream, coconut cream, ice cream sandwich with red velvet doughnut and strawberry ice cream

16. Do-Rite Donuts – Chicago, IL
What to get: everything and anything