The Donuttery

The Donuttery – Huntington Beach, CA

How can you not love a place that makes fresh donuts all day and night??

The Donuttery is synonymous with blueberry donut. And this donut is just fucking outstanding, there’s no other way to put it. I came in around 9pm on a weekday and they were finishing up making a fresh batch so 5 minutes later I had 4 hot blueberry donuts in my possession.

hot hot hot hot
hot hot hot hot

I can’t even begin to describe what happened to me next because I must have blacked out from euphoria. All I know is that this thing fresh out of the frier is as good as it gets. The glaze was perfect and not too heavy and the blueberry wasn’t too overwhelming, balancing it out so perfectly. Not to mention the donut shop bottled milk, no better complement plus nostalgia overload.

Got Milk
Got Milk

I also deemed myself the best daughter in the world because I brought some home for my parents and they told me the next morning how pleasantly surprised they were with how good they tasted. Note to self for next time I visit: buy a dozen.

Open 24 hours!



Peter Pan Bakery

If I lived in Brooklyn this would definitely be my local donut spot.

Peter Pan Bakery has the small town shop feel going on, and I love the old school bar and stools they have for seating inside.

The donuts are great, soft and fluffy just like they should be. I got my chocolate glazed with some very festive red, white, and blue sprinkles and had a grand ol’ time with it. The sprinkles were only on half of the donut which I thought was a wonderful concept, some fun little embellishments with the balance of a good solid classic.

All American
All American

The only down side is unless you live out there it’s quite a trek to get to. I took about a 50 min trip in on the train from Manhattan, and while I would do anything for a good donut I’m not sure that’s the norm for most people. That being said, all the hipsters in Greenpoint should be rejoicing over having this place in the neighborhood.

I recently came across this short film by Keif Roberts & Peter J. Haas, and it just makes me so happy. It’s hard to really capture the charm and atmosphere of a small locally run donut shop, but this documentary definitely does Peter Pan justice.


There’s an app for that

I recently got a message from a friend about a new app she had come across called Doughbot. Doughbot basically uses your smartphone’s locational services to tell you where you can find the nearest doughnut. The interface is very easy to use with fun graphics. It includes information like a phone number, map, and also draws information from yelp to give a snapshot with a few reviews of each of the places.




I have noticed that the app not only includes your local doughnut shops but also includes any other bakeries that have doughnuts mentioned as a part of the menu. It’s a cool way to potentially discover some hidden doughnut gems in the neighborhood, but it does require a little bit of extra work to sort though reviews or menu options to find out exactly what your choices are.

The app costs $0.99 cents and requires iOS 6.0 or later. So far I’ve only used it in while here Boston (as evident by the plenty dunkin donuts showing up on my all lists), but I would love to try it in other neighborhoods, especially while traveling. A great way to help your quest in Chasing Doughnuts…

More information on app database details and how waiting in line at Chicago’s Doughnut Vault inspired the app’s creation:

Find forbidden doughnuts nearby with Doughbot app

Food & Wine: America’s Best Doughnuts

1. The Doughnut Vault – Chicago, IL
What to get: chocolate glazed, pistachio, old fashioned, $1 coffee

2. Betty Ann Food Shop – Boston, MA
What to get: classic sugar rolled doughnuts, cake and jelly filled

3. Clear Flour Bread Bakery – Brookline, MA
What to get: baked currant doughnuts

4. Primo’s Donuts – Los Angeles, CA
What to get: glazed rings, cake and yeast doughtnuts for less than $1

5. Doughnut Plant – New York, NY
What to get: glazed oatmeal cake doughnut

6. Dynamo Donuts – San Francisco, CA
What to get: lemon-pistachio, banana de leche, bacon maple

7. Top Pot Doughnuts – Seattle, WA
What to get: chocolate peanut, Valley Girl lemon, feather boas

8. Voodoo Doughnut – Portland, OR
What to get: voodoo doll, Fruit Loop and bubble gum dust toppings

9. Cafe du Monde – New Orleans, LA
What to get: beignets, dark roast chicory coffee

10. Sublime Doughnuts – Atlanta, GA
What to get: fresh strawberry n cream, A-town cream

11. Congdon’s Doughtnuts – Wells, ME
What to get: blueberry jelly, honey dipped

12. Gourdough’s – Austin, TX
What to get: Funky Monkey (brown sugar glazed bananas), Mother Clucker (fried chicken strips with honey butter)

13. The Donut Stop – St. Louis, MO
What to get: cinnamon globs

14. Britt’s Donuts – Carolina Beach, NC (Open around Memorial Day)
What to get: glazed

15. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – Brooklyn, NY
What to get: sour cream, coconut cream, ice cream sandwich with red velvet doughnut and strawberry ice cream

16. Do-Rite Donuts – Chicago, IL
What to get: everything and anything

The Land of Enchantment

After spending the last 3 months in New Mexico, I have learned why it is referred to as “The Land of Enchantment.” The scenery and people are beautiful, and more importantly the food… OMG. New Mexican food is full of tradition and soul. Perhaps one of the best things I experienced during my stay in the southwest was a wonderful little something called a sopapilla. Very similar to Native Indian flybread, New Mexico has a long history of creating and enjoying these pieces of fried dough. On our first night in,  my new roommate and I went out to eat at a local Santa Fean spot and we were introduced to these beauties.

Maria's New Mexican Kitchen
Maria’s New Mexican Kitchen

When ordering, our waiter, originally from Connecticut, told us “Oh yeah you’ll want these.” Truer words have never been spoken. AMAZING little pockets of fried dough smothered in simple honey. DO NOT forget the honey. It became an instant comfort food and the perfect dessert to top off a good meal of red/green chile.

Horseman Haven Cafe
Horseman Haven Cafe

If you ever find yourself in the southwest definitely make a trip to New Mexico and enjoy all that it has to offer. The food, the mountains, the desert, and the people. They are all a treasure held within this other land that time forgot.

“New Mexico is a land of rich heritage, deep people, frank food, and long sunsets.” – Jon Hunter, Las Cruces

“10 Best Doughnut Shops in America”

A list of the 10 Best Doughnut Shops in America by travel blog Rates To Go:

10. Bouchon Bakery (New York, Las Vegas, and California)

9. Chef Mavro (Honolulu, Hawaii)

8. Coffee an’ Donut Shop (Westport, Connecticut)

7. The Donut Man (Glendora, California)

6. Doughnut Plant (New York, New York)

5. Morning Call (Metairie, Louisiana)

4. Spudnuts (Charlottesville, Virginia)

3. Top Pot (Seattle, Washington)

2. Zingerman’s Bakehouse (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

1. Randy’s Donuts (Los Angeles, California)

Fried and Frozen: the Perfect Treat

There’s nothing quite like learning that not only can you have a doughnut for dessert, but that you can have that same doughnut with delicious ice cream in the form of a doughnut ice cream sandwich. This is the delicacy that now awaits diners on the dessert menu at Umami Burger.

Our location of choice was the Santa Monica Umami. For the uninitiated to Umami Santa Monica, you’re in the right place when you see a door with a big red burger bun on the front door. Yes, it says “Fred Segal” below it — and no, there is no “Umami Burger” sign outside — but you’re in the right place. Head on inside and grab a seat and prepare for a tasty treat.

Umami Store Front
Umami Store Front

The four of us decided to try every kind of doughnut ice cream sandwich combination we could! That evening they had two sugary delights for us; a maple donut with vanilla bacon ice cream and an apple fritter doughnut with vanilla ice cream. In order for each of us each to sample the doughnuts, we had them cut into quarters (and what tempting little quarters they were!).

Maple / Vanilla Bacon (bottom left) & Apple Fritter / Vanilla (top right)
Maple / Vanilla Bacon (bottom left) & Apple Fritter / Vanilla (top right)
Maple / Vanilla Bacon
Maple / Vanilla Bacon
Apple Fritter / Vanilla
Apple Fritter / Vanilla

The maple doughnut with vanilla bacon ice cream was extremely flavorful. The doughnut wasn’t quite as light and fluffy as we had anticipated, but the slightly firmer pastry paired well with the firm ice cream. The apple fritter variation turned out simple and just as scrumptious. I don’t see any reason why either doughnut ice cream sandwich couldn’t be had for breakfast in place of a regular doughnut…it’s basically a donut and ‘milk’, right?

Wanting more, we rounded out our dessert discovery adventure by going back to the basics: ice cream sandwiches. Specifically, The Chocolate: chocolate chip cookie with chocolate ice cream. Compared to the doughnut bites, the cookie ice cream sandwich was plain — unoriginal next to its doughnut cousin.

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip / Chocolate
Chocolate, Chocolate Chip / Chocolate

So next time you find yourself looking for a sweet treat in Santa Monica, why not swing by Umami and grab a doughnut ice cream sandwich? You won’t be disappointed.

For Chasing Doughnuts, this has been a special guest post by Rachel Corell, Veronica Fuog, Michael Kirkpatrick, and Emily Teitelbaum.

Veronica, Michael, Emily, Rachel
Veronica, Michael, Emily, Rachel

Special thanks to my ‘nut lovers for their scouting and contribution to Chasing Doughnuts!

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