Feeding America®

I am very happy to announce that Chasing Doughnuts will now be making monthly donations to a great cause: Feeding America, US Hunger Relief Charity.

For every dollar donated, the Feeding America network of food banks will distribute 10 meals to people facing hunger. The Feeding America network already leads the fight against hunger. In 2014, 4.6 million people were served 3 billion meals and 800 million pounds of produce were delivered.

I am fortunate enough to spend some of my spare time and money chasing doughnuts around the country. I feel an honor and obligation to donate and spread the joy and comfort of a good meal.

If you would like to contribute please check out the donation page on our website here. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your support!

Click here to check out Feeding America’s website. And here to learn more about the organization.