In the beginning…

I love food. But I ADORE donuts.

There are very few things in life that turn me on more than a warm, fried, fluffy piece of dough. They excite me, they wake me up in the morning, they provide me pleasure, and they leave me feeling extremely satisfied day after day.

Literally one of the very first memories I have is climbing on to my dad’s sho-shos (shoulders) and walking down the street for a do-do (donut). Growing up, at least once a week I would take on this father-daughter tradition of sitting on yellow plastic table chairs eating my little heart out. Since my younger days, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to bridge the local donut shop and travel around the country consuming an ecstatic amount of fried deliciousness. Through this new avenue I hope to share my experiences with all of my friends, family, and other equally passionate individuals.

I dedicate all of my adventures to the man that taught me to chase happiness at whatever cost. Lucky for me, a donut and cup of coffee are pretty cheap.

2013-06-05 22.02.41

Happy National Donut Day!