Yahoo’s American Doughnut Shops with Street Cred

Yahoo pits old school against new school in “American Doughnut Shops with Street Cred”

Old School:

1. Leonard’s Bakery – Honolulu, Hawaii

What to order: The classic malasada

2. Polar Donuts – Oklahoma City, Oklamoma

What to order: Strong Pimp Hands, obviously.

3. Atkins Farms – Amherst, Massachusetts

What to order: The classic cider doughnut.

4. Helen Bernhard Bakery – Portland, Oregon

What to order: An old-fashioned glazed doughnut.

5. New Place Bakery – Detroit, Michigan

What to order: Paçkzi, as many as you can eat (plus a box for the road).


New School

1. Federal Donuts – Philadelphia, Pennslyvannia

What to order: The cookies & cream Fancy, or the Indian cinnamon Hot Fresh

2. FROST Doughnuts – Mill Creek, Washington

What to order: The salted-caramel doughnut: a traditional vanilla old-fashioned doughnut with handmade caramel and Fleur de Sel

3. Donut Friend – Los Angeles, CA

What to order: The Jets to Basil, a glazed doughnut with goat cheese, strawberry jam, fresh basil, and balsamic reduction.

4. YoYo Donuts – Minnetonka, Minnesota

What to order: A maple-bacon Long John.

5. Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts – Charleston, South Carolina

What to order: The Purple Goat, with a berry-goat-cheese filling and lavender glaze.